Consawella's Crown Is Shining

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Yaaaas Queens, Dreams do come true.

I find myself feeling "All The Way Up" as they say, in knowing that even though this is just the beginning of something beautiful, there are no ceilings or limitations to it.

Wanting to build something powerful onto my brand,bring a product to my family, friends, and clientele that has high end Quality without the high end Price, had a presence of Strength, Boldness, and Royalty... Consawella's Crown became.

Consawella's Crown, came to be with both my Grandmothers in mind.

Two enduring women that God blessed to have bore the very fruit that came together and created me. The history that they knew, and lived through, and the times they watched change drastically from racial divides, political woes, technology upgrades, fashion, and hair, it all fascinated me.

It is an amazing feeling of almost like time travel,to look at the pictures of style, and fashion my Grandmothers use to pride themselves on. The moments when they felt like they looked "So Good" that "You Couldn't Tell Them Nothing"! Those pictures give you almost a deeper bond and a feeling that they were once, as we are now, and you will be oneday, as Wise, Strong, and Bold as they have been crowned as Consawella's Crown


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