Flash Back Friday: Poetic Soul

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Today I received a call from my uncle, as I do from time to time, it reawakened my inner purpose, my calling, the one thing that has been mine for most all of my life... My Poetry!

So take a moment and re-enter into my world, my flash back from a poem I emailed my family.

From: Nicole Douglas Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2009 1:25 AM

I am but a child

Lips still wet with the milk of a nipple

A small head innocent

Life was simple

Pleased by ice sickles and bubble gum

Kick ball and recess

Look at how far I’ve come

Indeed was mistaken on the paths that ran after

Un be knownst to what my life would capture

Looking through my past

I inquire within a pastor


For I am mislead in my thoughts

Sometimes my soul is o.k

But most time distraught

He spoke

See the devil has a certain way to keep

Gods people caught

They live In a way that’s, mostly just talk

And they pray for what they want

And loose what they got

Straying from the straight and narrow

And slowly loosing there spot

Only to die with the nonbelievers for eternity and rot I Do Not…

I replied

I want that eternal life

The promised to rid the world of all struggle and strife

I’m ready to live right

And you are so right

I’m crawling from out the darkness

And embracing the light

It’s a spiritual fight

And I am so ready for the battle

Uplifting the Lord my God

No longer lurking in the shadows

Acknowledging his word

And the way it set me free

And remembering his grace

For on that day he shall remember me- Nicole MzHairPoetry Douglas-Phillips

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