Top 3 Ways To Feel Fabulous: Even when life makes you feel otherwise!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Sometimes, even for the most "Fierce" of Divas, life can feel anything but Fabulous. We, as women, must recognize our Strengths and Powers, in bad, as well as the best of times. Appreciate ourselves, stay humble, but do not forget to give yourself credit... and recognize the Poetic Power of your very existence.

Here are My Top 3 Ways to get back to feeling "Fabulous":

1). That's My Jam!

Music is not known as the key to the soul for nothing. It has a power to help bring about a change, express an emotion, and or tap into a feeling that is hard to get to otherwise. Make a play list that "Speaks Life" and encourages you to be the best, most Positive, version of YOU, possible... "Who Runs The World? Girls"!

2). My Life, "Issa" Blank Sheet

Writing, can create a means to forgiveness, release of pain, brainstorming of new ideas, or even the writing of a book! When you write the possibilities are literally endless. There are no limits, and that makes room for "Fabulous" to manifest. Try this, since the world can sometimes drain our confidence, try writing a list of up to 10 things that are Great about you (ask others if need be). After you finish the list study it, and hang it where you can see it daily, especially on the days you need most. We all need reminders, and what better way than in your own writing.

3). Connect with The Creator

Through and Above all, praying and/or meditating (which for some, is one in the same) can be so powerful in and of itself. Just imagine the "Fabulousness" that can be embarked upon when you release your doubts, fears, and struggles to the most high. The ability of transferring that negativity to a place where you are not affecting someone else negatively, you don't have to worry about your business being spread, and you can actually rest assure that it will be handled, in one way or another. #SheWins

Hopefully, these 3 tips can be just as much help to you as they have been, and are to me. Allowing you to step into your greatness each and every day. Giving you the understanding that you are not alone, we all have our less- than- Fabulous moments, but remember each minute we are alive, is an opportunity to turn it around! -Nicole "MzHairPoetry" Douglas-Phillips


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