The 5 Best Products For A Flawless SilkOut!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Silk Outs are definitely HOT right now. With so many women passing on the relaxers these days, the yearning for a Bouncy, Flowing, Healthy silk out is all the craze. Being a professional stylist for almost 8 years, and having 5 beautiful non-relaxed daughters (and 2 handsome sons) I completely understand how we as women LOVE to be versatile and change it up. Afro one day, braids the next, and a Silky Silk Out right after that.

I get in-boxed all the time on what products I am using for my Silk Outs, So I am going to share with you the top 4 products to use for the silkiest silk out, and to also help keep the integrity of the hair:

1). Clarify the Hair followed by Moisturizing Shampoo.

Remove all the built up product, including gels, oils, conditioners, etc. this can be done with a clarifying shampoo. Do note if client has color you will need a special color defense clarifying shampoo. This step will build the base for your Silk Out! I do one deep clarifying shampoo and one Consawella's Crown moisturizing shampoo, balancing the hair's moisture levels back out. Depending on condition of the hair you may need to customize this step.

2). Moisturizing Conditoner.

This will help to fill that strand up with moisture and help lock in color, and set the tone for silky, soft, sleek silkout. also this is a great step to comb through the hair to remove any tangles, concentrating mainly on the mid strand and ends, then rinse. You can feel the smoothness almost instantly with Consawella's Crown moisturizing conditioner.

3). Leave In Conditioner

Now this step is very important as it allows you to balance the moisture with some protein to strengthen the hair, like with Consawella's Crown Everyday Miracle Treatment. The silk proteins nourish, repair, and protect the strands. While the Serecite Mica smooths and seals hair color and provides radiant shine.

4). Heat Protectant & Hydrate

There are tons of products that are intended to protect the hair from heat, but you've got to find one that actually does. One that wont weigh your hair down, helps "POP' your hair color, adds shine, controls frizz, and reduces drying time like Consawella's Crown Amethyst Oil. The Amethyst extract ingredient helps to protect the hair up to 410 degrees. Stop Scorching Your Hair!

Don't forget the ”Hydrate & Smooth” element. Emulsifying a dime amount of Consawella’s Crown Le Deux and Amethyst Oil in hand, then adding to wet hair, mid strands to ends, before a blowout, silk out, braid out, or any style will set the tone for amazing Shine, Moisture, and a Beautiful style.

Now you have my secret formula products for Crazy Smooth Silky Silk Outs, and the great thing about it is that the Consawella's Crown products are Now Available at So you have no excuse as to why you can't Get your Silky Silk Outs on Point, Light Weight with Movement and Shine, while Nourishing, Repairing and Protecting your Crown! Order Today


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