Crowned: Consawella's Crown

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Having five beautiful princesses (and two princes) that would all have different laughs, different favorites, different personalities, and different attitudes. She wanted to bestow something special upon them that would connect them, and could be passed down as a legacy of the women in the family. Add media to your posts

She thought and she figured... and she figured and she thought. She knew that money and wealth was good, but it can end and be lost, and material things get tattered and worn. She wanted to give them something that was theirs...then she realized she had given them all something special, that could be passed down, that would be a legacy.

See, her Grandmother had crowned her, (as she was the only grandDAUGHTER) with something special. It was a crown that you could never take off, a confidence that would be able to be tapped into when needed, a humbleness, an honor, a legacy, a rite of passage... a crown. This crown was in the form of a name, and that name was Consawella, passed down three generations and counting!

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