Nicole "MzHairPoetry" Phillips God's Masterpiece, Wife, Mom, Poet, Licensed Cosmetologist of just under 10 years and owner/creator of HairPoetryByNicole, and Consawella's Crown. I consider myself a Healthy Hair Enthusiast and Confidence Creator, trying to steadily create an environment for confidence to thrive, outward and within.


I've had the pleasure to work with and fundraise for a local low income Before & After School program, as this same program was available to me when my children were small.

I've also done a small supply fundraiser for A Safe Place, domestic violence shelter.

I was able to speak to a group of young women about the importance of Confidence, making healthy beauty choices,  and being aware of abusive situations surrounding themselves and their peers.

I've been able to help my daughters to build their artwork portfolios and have some of their work printed, in which they now sale and encourage other young entrepreneurs.

I am a member of Cosmetologists Chicago. 

Member of 4 years to "Woman On Fire", a women empowerment organization.

A graduate of Zion Benton Leadership Academy. Had the opportunity to receive awards and recognition for my original poetry. Organized and Hosted Collaboration of Crowns 1st annual event with a group of amazing women that I love and respect. I Have also taken extended education to enhance, and build my beauty profession, and personal development.


Welcome to my World. 


After overcoming homelessness and surviving a few things, including a condition that had all intentions to kill me, I came to understand how important a simple haircut, color, or style could be to boost your confidence. Helping you to boldly go after jobs, opportunities, and/or feel somewhat empowered while getting out of an abusive situation, and struggling times. Looking back I see how these situations were instrumental in me finding my purpose.


Hair PoetryByNicole's Mission: to encourage healthy relationships, inspire girls to be confident and to make healthy choices in beauty. #CantCrushMyCrown

Consaawella's Crown mission: to inspire femalehood through Art, Poetry, Beauty, and Confidence.


Hair Poetry By Nicole's Vision: is to create Life, Inspiration, and Style that is Confident, Healthy, Positive and Poetic 

 When Your Hair Speaks What Does It Say? #ItzPoetic